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Participatory Management

Organizations need to take decisions that concern or affect every unit within a given period. In this process, operating a decision-making mechanism with only a hierarchy from above to below can’t provide full efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to include not only the managers of the institution but also the personnel in the decision-making phase. In addition, participatory management; as taking the views of other actors in the sector, enriching the corporate vision and expanding the viewpoint has important contributions to the institution.

Corporate Analysis

• We provide a solution for your organization considering the causality and correlation from a different angle.<br /> • According to the requirements of the organization; we do both event and process based analyzes by reconnoitering past actions, current situation or future projections. In this way, we help your organization to identify itself and make the most appropriate choices among the presented options.<br />

Marketing Management

• We help you change the internal dynamics of your organization and prepare your organization to new transformation for awating to market.<br /> • We make it possible for you to keep pace with new environmental conditions or your marketplace.<br /> • We help you to ensure that your organization's products and services are sustainable. In this context, we are playing an important role in make stabile your company's profit optimization.<br />

Change Management

• We help your organization manage and complete the change process successfully.<br /> • We provide you with innovative ideas in every area you need for reaching success, such as vision, mission, organization or process improvement.<br /> • We provide follow-up audit control during the alteration process, helping to predict potential risks and managing the process accordingly.<br /> • Throughout this transformation process, we provide support in all phases of the practice from theory to practice, such as preparation, strategy, development and implementation<br /> Thus, we are contributing to the sustainability of your institution and clear the way for further development in the long term.<br />

Strategic Management

  • We support your institution in taking decisions for the future.
  • We provide you that your organization knows itself with the strengths and weaknesses and promote you to the sector which you are in, in the light of your vision.

Thus, by working in a efficiency-fixated manner, we enable to develop strategies that will ensure profitability and productivity.