Anadolu Isuzu Strategic Planning Project | İnfoloji

On a global basis, transportation strategies and preferences for transportation ever changing from day to day. In the automotive industry, harmonious and environmentally friendly digital techniques meet with the individual in the light of innovative ideas. In this sense, efforts to create sustainable intelligent environmental conditions and components are gathering speed day by day.


Anadolu Isuzu Strategic Planning Work Common Sense Conference held on May 15, 2015 is a conference designed to reshape Anadolu Isuzu production and marketing strategies in the automotive sector, especially in the recent changes in the “mass transportation segment”.

The focus group work was carried out in order to bring alternative solutions to the problems experienced in the sector and to implement decision making strategies, and the developments, changes and trends related to Anadolu Isuzu’s market in transportation, public transportation and automotive sector were analyzed. The main axis of the conference as well as public transportation; such as production, marketing, financing, materials, human resources, research and development, innovation and alternative fuel types sector-specific topics were scrutinised in this regard. This conference, where environmental analyzes are carried out, covers all developments, changes and trends in the sector; production, production technologies, manufacturing systems are evaluated in an interactive concept.