About | İnfoloji

Since 2012, when we step into the business world, we aim to create a leadership and management ecosystem on a global basis and within the framework of universal values. We bring together the requirements of the age and innovative ideas, effective institutions and people with the dynamic team we have gathered together by adopting the concept of “Character is Employed, Ability is Educated”. We organize international conferences and fairs to provide social awareness in the fields of economy, education, environment and technology. We continue to strengthen our mission by representing our institutional culture on the basis of our equitable, value-producing, human-focused approach on global platforms.

In this context, we are establishing successful cooperation with institutions such as Ministry of Youth and Sports, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Turkish Airlines, Yildiz Technical University.

Since our establishment as a company, we have been keeping the pulse of the country economically and socially. We are developing projects for our stakeholders in public and private sector primarily Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the fields of superstructure and infrastructure, transportation, energy, technology, environment and management from the important elements of the smart city. We contribute to creating a vision for them.

Being İnfoloji family which our name comes from “Information Science”, we share our experience with various private sector organizations as well as the metropolitan and county municipalities, we provide consultancy services on the road maps they have designed to build a more habitable future. We create exclusive solutions and methods in institutions of İnfoloji to ensure better management of companies and institutions, to overcome difficulties and to reach strategic targets. In this sense, we are creating urban management models and sustainable urban management road maps for all of our stakeholders.

Infair (Infoloji Fair Inc.), which is emergent in the scope of our company in 2015, is organizing congresses, fairs and symposiums. We carry out all processes the organizations such as Young Turkey Summit and TRANSIST which have a say in national and international platforms.

We combine our marketing strategies, events, mobile software and website studies with information-based digital services with Inlab (Infology Technology and Innovation Inc.), where we gather all of our software and design activities with our technological projects under single roof.